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Daniel Nummela to be the new Executive Director of the Finnish Lutheran Mission

Finnish Lutheran Mission has elected Rev. Daniel Nummela to be the new Executive Director as of January 1, 2021.
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Transformation of Partnership through Mission

A speech of FLM Associate Director, Rev. Teijo Peltola, in the 2019 Partnership Seminar of Mekane Yesus Church in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.
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The Scarlet Thread of the Bible

Leif Nummela works as Bible teacher and theologian for the Finnish Lutheran Mission and is Editor- in-Chief for the Finnish Christian magazine Uusi Tie, a weekly periodical with 10,000 subscribers. Leif is the author of 7 books, which have altogether sold over 40,000 copies, and has written and published over 1,000 articles in popular-level Christian magazines. The Scarlet Thread of the Bible is one of his best known teaching series and books.
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Letters from God: The Authority and Relevance of the New Testament Letters - Leif Nummela

The New Testament letters are one of the most highly relevant and directly applicable parts of Holy Scripture for today’s Christian. They speak directly and authoritatively to most of today’s hotly debated topics in the church and the world. It is hardly possible to be a Christian, walking under the guidance of God, without knowing the teaching of the New Testament letters. Yet today, for different reasons, they are largely neglected, both in personal and in church use. There is a lot of talk today in some Christian circles about God speaking to individuals, and we hear many Christians say: “The Lord told me this.” But in the New Testament letters we really hear Christ’s word to us directly through his chosen apostles. In this workshop, we will consider the authority, interpretation and application of the New Testament letters.

Living Faithfully in the Midst of Apostasy

We are right now living through one of the most monumental cultural shifts in the history of the western culture. The Christian church is very much part of these changes. We are seeing shocking apostasy among many Christian churches, at the same time as we are living in a culture that becomes more and more anti-Christian. In this situation, one question has become very acute for many Christians: How then should we live? Learning to live as a faithful remnant, when both many mainline European churches, and the culture at large, is leaving the faith, is absolutely crucial, if we are going to preserve the biblical faith for the next generation. In this talk we will explore what it means to serve the Lord faithfully in a time of apostasy. Our situation is not new. The people of God have been in a similar situation many times before, and the Bible has a lot to say on this subject.
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