Love Your Bible - Gospel For All

Finnish Lutheran Mission (FLM) is a missions and revival movement established in 1967. Today we have  64 missionaries in 15 countries. FLM is one of the mission agencies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Due to its history and identity our Church has chosen to participate in God’s mission with and through seven mission agencies. The FLM is one of them. FLM works in Finland through its 17 regional organizations. The ministry includes Bible teaching, small groups, evangelism, youth and children’s ministry, ministry among immigrants, cooperation with local parishes and support of missions.

Our Vision

Love your Bible – Gospel for all.

Our Mission

We read, teach and follow the word of God.
We offer a spiritual home to all generations.
We reach out to people and serve them in their spiritual and material needs.
We equip communities and believers to work for the Gospel and for mission work.

Our Values

  1. Faithfulness
    We are faithful to the truth of the word of God, and to the mission the resurrected Jesus Christ has given his church.
    We value the Christian heritage and the roots of our mission movement.
  2. Family-friendliness
    Together, we are part of God’s family.
    We would like to see the different generations growing and maturing together in faith.
    Parents teach their children to know and follow Christ
    We support families and traditional marriage.
  3. Readiness to serve
    We reach out to people and respond to their spiritual and material needs in everyday life.
    We are a serving and praying community.
    We give our lives for the good of others.
    We seek and try out new forms of service and Christian witness.
    We love because Christ has first loved us.
  4. Quality
    We place our value on the trustworthiness, gifts, many-faceted knowledge and experience of our volunteers and employees.
    Professional skills and knowledge are important to us in our working environment.
    We plan our activities carefully; we evaluate and develop our working methods.
    We operate with integrity and are people-oriented.
  5. Transparency
    We openly communicate who we are and what we are doing.

Our Identity

Our calling is to be a Lutheran movement and a mission organization. The
purpose for our existence is to preach the gospel to all people and nations.

We value the Bible as the word of God, and it is our desire to live
faithfully obeying its teachings. We read, teach and proclaim the word
of God diligently. The thing that motivates us as we go about our work
is a desire that people would put their faith in Jesus Christ. We long
for a true awakening which means that we seek to understand and
experience what it means to be both a sinner and a saint in front of the
Holy God. We live by the grace of God, and this gives us courage to work
for the best of others and for the kingdom of God. Daily repentance
keeps us close to God.

Together we are building a spiritual home where believers can grow to be
fully balanced, devoted Christians. We encourage and equip each other to
serve both near and far with the gifts each of us has received from God.
We are accomplishing this by showing the love of Christ both in word and

In a rapidly changing world, we want to develop our working methods. We
are learning how to bring forth the truths of the Christian faith at
this present time and place as clearly and precisely as possible. We
work together with others, in line with our vision and faith. We walk
alongside persecuted Christians. Together with other Christians, we want
to carry the cross of Christ.

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